Create A Business That Successfully Runs Whether You Turn Up Or Not!

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About Us

At Advocate Business Services™ we help entrepreneurs, business owners and senior executives to think, act and behave differently to their competitors to consistently produce superior results. In fact, clients refer to us as their business enzyme: by adding us to their mix we’ve helped them accelerate their ambitious business growth and fall deeply back in love with their business all over again. The ultimate end result: we help business owners create a business that successfully runs whether they turn up or not!

Our Services

One of the core problems we've always had is knowing that when we work with someone, they are going to have results…   But ensuring that we can do it in a way that is both helpful, effective, and leveraged.   When we work with someone 1-on-1, the investment has been £36,000. For most business owners, this isn’t always the best use of their finances based on where they are in the business.   Yet, many Entrepreneurs still want to work with us. And we’ve always been struck with a moral compass issue.   Because the last thing we want to do is have you hire us and then we tell you that you can’t afford us.  

Which is why we've developed a dedicated Advocate Mentoring Program to help have a middle ground while giving you everything you need.   This is a rare and exciting experience for anyone who is able to obtain access to our mentorship, community, and our help to get into that position to start scaling your business to the next level.   Ultimately, to help you create a business that successfully runs whether you turn up or not.

It works like this...

1). If we’re a good fit, we will let you know that we can accept you into this program.  

2). You’ll complete our unique Fix Build Sell Survey which shows whether your business is in Fix, Build or Sell Mode, and key areas that need priority focus.  

3). You'll have a 1:1 Initial Strategy Session with Martin Norbury to get clear on your Business Model, and what you want out of the business.  

4). You’ll join our Slack Community with other business owners like to cultivate community, celebrate wins, and get support.  

5). You’ll be invited to Weekly Group Live Q&A Calls that focus on building, optimising, and accelerating your business, as well as general business discussions.  

In total…You’re getting everything you need.  

The ability to have Clarity…

The right Plan…


Personalised Planning…



And the ability to ask to ensure you’re making the right choices at the right time.  

This is a really unique experience.   We’ve been working with entrepreneurs across 70+ different industry sectors. Those Entrepreneurs have had massive results.   And because this is not a cookie cutter experience and you get YOUR plan; this works no matter where you are, how long you’ve been in business, what size you are, what sector you’re in.

1:1 Strategy Call & Weekly Group Calls with Martin Norbury

Advice that makes you feel uncomfortable is usually the best advice you can get! We're not nodding dogs and we do hold up the mirror, but it's our experience that tough love gets you results. You'll come away from your 1:1 Strategy Call with Martin with more clarity on what you really want from your business, and what you're prepared to do to get that. You'll then join like-minded business owners for live Weekly Calls that cover off specific challenges, opportunities, questions and key topics that will help you focus on your plan.

Monthly 1:1 Calls with Martin Norbury

As well as Weekly Group Calls, we offer the addition of a Monthly 1:1 Call with Martin. We find that unless you have someone to hold you to account, and to help you focus on you, then you'll simply drift back into old habits and get stuck in the weeds,