Entrepreneurs Are The Wrong People To Grow Their Business Claims Author of #1 Amazon Bestselling Book

“Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the UK economy yet many businesses fail to live up to their full potential because the very skills that make entrepreneurs so valuable at the start up phase often become a hindrance when it comes to scaling up.”

This is the conclusion of Martin Norbury, an award-winning business coach and author of the new #1 Amazon Bestselling book, I don’t work Fridays. Martin, who has earned the badge The Scalability Coach™, has first-hand-experience in growing businesses. In his new business book, I don’t work Fridays, he explains why the entrepreneur is the wrong person to grow their business, and reveals a simple 5-step formula to give leaders confidence, a clear structure and process to follow, and a set of simple tools to help business owners achieve growth and realise their ambitions.

Martin’s underlying philosophy ultimately answers one question: when and how to exit a business.

Exit can represent a great many possibilities. Your goal could be to exit the business to get your ‘big pay day’, or to retire and pass on your legacy to someone else. Or it could be because you have fallen out of love with the work, have become a manager instead of a doer or simply have the entrepreneurial itch to start something new. Even if you intend to stay in your business for now, having a business that is ‘exit-able’ will make it more attractive to investors and will free up your time, so you no longer worry about the day to day work. Maybe you ‘don’t want to work on Fridays’ anymore or you would simply like your evenings and weekends back to spend time with your family. Perhaps there is a hobby or a heart’s desire that you have been putting off for too long and you can’t wait any longer.

Whatever the reasons you have for being in business in the first place, being in a position to escape the clutches of business pressure, by scaling up effectively, is a wonderful place to be.

“I can see this book sparking a movement of business owners who take Friday off!” – Daniel Priestley, Entrepreneur and Author