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Take charge of your business's future by booking a consultation with our experienced Business Management Consultants. Our user-friendly online booking system makes it easy to schedule a personalized session. Select your preferred consultant, choose a convenient date and time, and share your business challenges and objectives.


How long is the Mentoring Program for?  

You can keep going as long as you need to, and we do ask that you initially commit for 6 months to ensure you get momentum from execution. Because this is a personalised mentorship experience, this is simple, easy and effective. The way all business growth should be. You’re getting one of the best (and possibly only) mentors who specialises in Fix, Build, Sell and can bring BIG business thinking to the SME world (again, very rare).

What’s the investment?  

In order to keep this easy for us, we decided that we wouldn’t use any type of salesperson nor tactics, allowing for simplicity and ease.   If you look at the value you’re having here, most programs cost between £2,000 to £3,500 per month that have the same level of value, without the experience that we bring to the table.  Today, you have the ability to invest for £500 (+ VAT) per month – this includes an Initial 1:1 Strategy Call with Martin Norbury, and a Weekly Group Call.   You can then choose to add on ANY of the following:

  • Monthly 1:1s with Martin Norbury (+ £500 per month) via Zoom or in London (1 hour).

  • Quarterly Board Meetings with Martin Norbury (+ £500 per month) either via Zoom or in London (3 hours).

  • Join our new Mastermind with Martin and a select group (+ £500 per month) to be held once a month in London (please note this will have limited membership).  

    Flexibility is the key here and you can pick and choose as many elements as you wish – they are not in any particular order.   So, for example, starting from the Basic Intro of £500, you can also have a Monthly 1:1, taking your total to £1,000 per month (+VAT).    Or you may wish to skip the monthlies and have a Quarterly Board Meeting, so this total again would be £1,000 per month (+VAT).   Should you wish to become part of the Mastermind, then this would simply be an extra £500 +VAT per month.