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J Magill, Business Owner

“These strategies are just what I was looking for! I’ve just finished reading this book, and know instinctively that this is the way forward for my business. I had been looking for something like this, just didn’t know it – but I did upon reading!

Martin Norbury has taken a lot of time to think through the stream of understanding that has gone on through his life in terms of what he calls ‘scalability’. From when he was a kid, to teenage entrepreneur, to the various opportunities with huge and not so huge companies, he has isolated, identified and shared what was going on underneath the surface, that made him so successful.

And that’s very much to the benefit of the reader! I have a new person who is just starting with my existing tiny team – as a result of reading this book, I emailed and told her my thoughts about where we were going (even though they are not solidified yet) and was she up for that. She has just said yes, and how excited she is!

I felt so nervous sending that email, and yet so very pleased I did. A huge thank you to Martin, his life, his wife and children (all of them) – and for distilling his knowledge into an easy-to-read and applicable book.”

– J Magill