Entries by Jacki Norbury


One of the biggest problems business owners face when looking to scale, is seeing the world how others see it. Scalability Coach Martin Norbury uses ‘The Scream’ for his inspiration.


“The stage we are currently at in that journey has proved the impact Advocate has had on us in many aspects of the business and the personal development of the team. Advocate continues to cement its position as a partner to continue to improve and grow with us.”

– Brad


“It was really good to have Martin guide us through the team weekly meeting as a blueprint for future meetings. Also, I found it really helpful to agree the 4 goals to have completed by our next meeting on 1st May.”

– Hilary


“As a business we got lost in day to day and lost focus on growth and strategies to move forward. With Martin’s mentoring, the directors and leadership team are now focused, challenged, empowered and energised and sometimes often taken out of our comfort zones. This is all driving results and that is something to shout about.”

– Camille


“I loved the challenge that Martin posted to each of the team members, how he was able to make the team think differently, challenge ideas and proposals, allowed time to reflect, observations and questions of ideas.”

– Pam