Entries by Jacki Norbury

Hannah Gorvin

“Would absolutely recommend reading the book, I Don’t Work Fridays. Martin’s touching story gave me a lot of clarity on how I want to run my own business. It offers a powerful strategy on how to scale and gain more time for the important things in life.”

– Hannah Gorvin

Pete Cann

“Having worked with Martin and Jacki for a few years now, they have helped create a no-nonsense, fully focused plan to create the business that I could have only dreamed of. Plus we have not worked Fridays for 9 months already 🙂 Thank you.”

– Pete Cann


“Working with Martin has had such a positive impact on my business! He breaks every issue down into positive, clear, pragmatic steps that makes running my business every bit easier for me. I would recommend any business owner to work with Martin who is looking to scale or wants to transform their business into one that they love again and delivers the lifestyle they want.”

– Emma


“Martin’s contributions (both in understanding our numbers and making commercial decisions about them) and in relation to managing staff, have been invaluable in steering us towards success. It has introduced rigour into our operations and has helped us identify some of the key issues we had before we worked with him. He also gives you the confidence to make those difficult decisions and context for the situation. While his fee is significant to a small company like ours, I think we desperately needed the help.”

– Guy