Entries by Rouge

Andrea McNeil, The Headspace Company

“You’ve helped move my business forward by getting me to look at a recycling problem in a totally different way, to get a different solution. I’d been trying for many months (if not years!) to define what my work delivers for other businesses and how it adds value. I was stuck on what I ‘do’ rather than ‘where does it get you’. Through your lateral thinking and creativity you helped me to a place where I’m now able to articulate the impact of my work in a very clear way. More than that, I’m able to use that clarity to define my marketing strategy and activities to a much more focussed degree. Feels like a good place to be!”

– Andrea McNeil, The Headspace Company

Mike Chance, ColourWave Printing

“You are knowledgeable and not scared to ask direct probing questions to get results. This has made me look at the complete way of how I work and offered me solutions to the weaknesses in my set up. You are forward thinking, positive and caring and are building a good loyal base of satisfied clients. This sets the way forward for others to follow and recognise that you know your stuff, implement it and get results.”

– Mike Chance, ColourWave Printing

Lisa Chaffey, In a Pickle

“Martin has really helped, supported and encouraged me to move my business on leaps and bounds. He is always very giving with his time and I know that if I had an issue with my business, I could go to Martin for sound advice and with the confidence that he would support me in whatever way he could” :o) #TeamMartin”

– Lisa Chaffey, In a Pickle

Jennifer Monks

“Thanks for all the wonderful training courses you have given over the last month or so. All very enjoyable and have certainly made me think differently. I will be in touch soon as I have a few things I would like to run by you. Before I do I need to put them in the Non Urgent/Important box and plan!”

– Jennifer Monks

Sean Taylor, Ecocleen

“I just wanted to say that you have helped me and my business massively – you are not cuddly and you are not fluffy – you just listen, understand and just “get it”. Not many people in business mentoring can get to the nub of the issue quickly and simply and then give you some guidance on dealing with it. You clearly have a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience from working in and with real businesses, both large and small, and you articulate this really well. I can clearly see that you really enjoy helping people in business particularly when you can see true commitment from that individual and that is WHY I think you should win the award – YOU share their passion and I and others have witnessed this first hand.”

– Sean Taylor, Ecocleen

Sara Cheeney

“New Year is always a great time to take stock of life and how you can make things work better and I’ve just had a great call with Martin Norbury who has given me the motivation and tools to organize my working and home life to ensure I achieve my business goals as well as keeping my family happy, fantastic advice, feeling good for the year ahead, 2015 here we come…”

– Sara Cheeney

Louise Herrington, Louise Herrington Accountancy

“The invention of Martin’s The Last Friday Club gave us the opportunity to be in a small group and discuss each other’s issues, think about the question for the month and act as another kick two weeks after the BGA meeting. Through this, I have really identified where I want to be, where I am going to be, acknowledge that it won’t be plain sailing, and to narrow down into what I want to specialise in. There have been tears along the way, but without Martin, I would be still pottering around the house and playing at having a business.”

– Louise Herrington, Louise Herrington Accountancy

Mathew Butler

“I just wanted to let you know your small piece of advice from the Masterplan event was probably the biggest thing I took away from those 2 days. We’ve implemented the separate accounts in our business and can already see it is making everything so much clearer, from targets we need to hit and where money can be saved.”

– Mathew Butler