Entries by Rouge

Hazel Edwards, Container Team Ltd

“Taking part in Martin Norbury’s SCALE webinar completely changed the way we think about the future of our business. We knew it had potential and listening to Martin made us understand that there was a formula we could follow to realise that potential. The webinar also enabled us to understand that we weren’t in a position to start the SCALE process at that time. So, we got to work on the issues and have completely transformed the company. We are now working with Martin and are at the start of our SCALE journey. I’m expecting that the next 12 months will be challenging and I’m really excited to get going.”

– Hazel Edwards, Container Team Ltd

Kate Lester, Founder & CEO of Diamond Logistics and Entrepreneur of the Year 2012

“Martin has a clarity which has allowed me to cut through the crap and focus on the big issues facing the exponential growth in my business. I nicknamed him the Scalability Coach because that’s what he does – helps my business grow. And we are talking from sub £1m to on its way to 8 figures turnover so that’s some growth!”

– Kate Lester, Founder & CEO of Diamond Logistics and Entrepreneur of the Year 2012

Lucy Ignatiadis, Iguana Solutions

“Congratulations, hugely deserved [Business Mentor of the Year]. Thank you for all your support and help. I wouldn’t be here now without your insight, advice and support, even if I chose to ignore it for a while (every time!!)”

– Lucy Ignatiadis, Iguana Solutions

Brian Hill

“As per usual Mr Martin Norbury you don’t do things by halves…. Congratulations [Business Mentor of the Year], do you have clients down under yet?”

– Brian Hill

Mitch Lloyd, Petra Jewellery

“I knew you’d win [Business Mentor of the Year]!!! Woweeeeee! Well done, I bet you knocked the socks off everyone else. You’re a rare commodity Mr Norbury, I can’t learn enough from you. Now celebrate!”

– Mitch Lloyd, Petra Jewellery

Sian Nisbett, Dizzy Ducks

“So very very proud of my Business Mentor (and I’d like to think, friend) for winning Business Mentor of the Year in the UK. Mr Martin Norbury, you are a seriously impressive individual! Thank you for all you have done for me, especially this year.”

– Sian Nisbett, Dizzy Ducks

Lucy & the Team at Petra Jewellery

“We just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on winning Business Mentor of the Year! We all think you thoroughly deserve it and we love it when you come and visit us. You have made such a difference in the short time that you have been working with us and we just don’t know how you do it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! See you soon, love from us all. Xx”

– Lucy & the Team at Petra Jewellery

Kate Lester, Diamond Logistics

“Well done to our Scalability Coach [on winning Business Mentor of the Year]. And if anyone else needed reason to work with Martin he’s worked with Diamond Logistics and we are doubling turnover year on year. So what could Martin Norbury do for your business?”

– Kate Lester, Diamond Logistics