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Tobias Robbins, Tobias Robbins Photography

“Although we haven’t directly done anything together your insight and tips during SCALE Mastermind have really helped me, a good example particularly relevant was a recent night at the bar before mastermind when I was sweating about where to draw the line with putting other people’s material into my own words – it was really holding me up. You immediately saw my dilemma and spent the time talking about ‘repurposing’ which cleared a lot of headspace and got me back on track. Your 4 day week and lifestyle/family goals is always an inspiration…. I could go on”

– Tobias Robbins, Tobias Robbins Photography

Dominic Jones, Barton Technology

“Our Business Skyrocketed! Since meeting Nigel and Martin, my business has not only skyrocketed, but skyrocketed with control. We haven’t been ‘flying by the seat of our pants’ because of the scalable model we implemented with the help of Nigel and Martin. The guys have allowed us to build bomb proof foundations”.

– Dominic Jones, Barton Technology

Colin & Jenni Bradford, Magical Maths

“Results have been phenomenal. We’ve had some good success with our franchise business, but needed to get really serious and take the next step. Working with Martin and Nigel has allowed us to take that next step and our results have been phenomenal. We’ve grown by 35 franchisees in just 12 months!”

– Colin & Jenni Bradford, Magical Maths

Keith Crockford, Rock and Rapid

“Totally buzzed with a massive headache. Just spent two amazing days with Martin Norbury. If anybody wants to scale their business then you need to speak with Martin. So looking forward to the next 12 months with real clarity! (And my headache to disappear)”

– Keith Crockford, Rock and Rapid

Gavin Clark, maxcleavage.com

“Just wanted to say a BIG BIG thank you to Martin Norbury for spending 2 full on days with us this week working on our business. Anyone who is serious about scaling or dramatically improving their business should definitely get in touch with him ASAP! Nothing is ever sugar coated, and he doesn’t mind going back to basics to get you on track to achieving your goals! Thanks again Martin, now the hard work begins!”

– Gavin Clark, maxcleavage.com

Keith Crockford, Rock and Rapid

“Martin has made me look at my business in a different light. We are now moving the business forward by putting systems in place all the way through. We now have a goal for future and are working are way towards this with key alerts in place. I will continue to work with Martin as he is a massive benefit to our business”.

– Keith Crockford, Rock and Rapid

Carole Aldred, Director, Red Rose Directories

“I’ve been in business for over 25 years and have always been on the lookout for a GOOD business advisor on a 1:1 level. Martin is the only person I have come across who has the experience, both at corporate and small business level, and ability to really understand and offer the proper help I’ve been looking for. He has the ability to drill down into any business and know exactly where the business stands today and what it needs to do to achieve growth targets going forward. He can also help identify areas of growth that are not always obvious but very profitable. We all need help and support and I can’t recommend Martin highly enough. He really knows his stuff.”

– Carole Aldred, Director, Red Rose Directories