Entries by Jacki Norbury

Glenn Ackroyd

“While you’re screwing around looking aimlessly where to go next, you need a plan, a strategy and a goal. Once you’ve got that, then you’ve got that focus. That’s where Advocate provided the MOST value. We chose to work with Martin because he’s worked in the hot seat of major players who’ve gone through acquisition and sale, as well as selling his own businesses as an entrepreneur. Rather than reading a book, or theorising, you go with someone who has done it, and you follow in their footsteps.”

– Glenn Ackroyd

Andrew H

“I saw your article in the inflight flybe magazine, which drove me to purchase your book ‘I don’t work Fridays’. Having read your book I can relate to many of your theories and do adopt these. What did make make me smile is that I had an Astra GTE in the late eighties. A very good book which is relevant and offers practical advice which confirms to me the strategies I do adopt”

– Andrew H

Your Exit Plan

Do you have an Exit Strategy for your business? And do you have an Execution Plan to support this? Exit is all about focussing on the execution strategies to Expand or Exit; releasing your involvement and giving YOU the freedom to do anything you want. Take the Scale Exit Questionnaire to see how ready your business is for Exit.